What I Do When I Feel…Creatively Frustrated

If I’m writing this post, it might be because I’m creatively frustrated. Haha – just a lucky guess.

I realized I forgot to write a post for today and here I am doing it very much last minute. Sounds like something I would do but I guess I work better under pressure.

I figured that I am not the only artist stuck in a rut, all of us (yes you are an artist too) are sometimes in a difficult place. Especially when it comes to a creative project or when you want to rekindle your creative spirit. It’s okay – we have al been there and we all will be there. Creative frustration should be a time to rebirth your spark.  I have a problem of thinking too much, way too much, to the point that I forget what I wanted to do/say/make/or act in that moment. It sucks, but I live with it. I have so much pen up excitement (and frustration) to just produce the words and images in my head. I just want to share, love, and make things for everyone! Here are some things I do to help myself. I find that this helps out a lot with how I think things through.

I give myself a solo music/dance scene

Yes. This is a faithful technique. It really just helps me feel better when I do this. I lip sync or literally sing along to my music while dancing in front of a mirror. I do this in the shower, in my room, through the house if i have it to myself, or even while laying down on my bed. Oh yeah, I manage to still dance while laying on my butt. I like to dance to This Must Be The Place by The Talking Heads

Just lay down and listen to music

Maybe I don’t feel like dancing, that’s okay. Sitting down and internally enjoying the music is just as good and relaxing. I love doing this. This is a perfect time where I can collect my thoughts.

Do something for someone else

I notice that if I don’t do it for my own intentions and perfections, I have a clearer mind. I’ll try to do a task or something out of my heart for someone else. You can bake someone cookies. Maybe have a conversation about their day, or ask about their problems. Maybe help them with their homework or play a video game together. Focusing on someone else than your own needs does make a different to you as a person and as a thinker.

Binge Watch a TV Show or Watch A New Movie

I do this A LOT (voiced as Jim Carrey). Especially while I’m working on anything, I’ll watch a movie at the same time. Multitasking. Or I’ll just put down everything I have and watch the TV show or Movie. Educate yourself with new movies because honestly it is inspiring. Movies are 💖.

Change and old habit or start a new one

Maybe the problem is me? Maybe I should plan things a bit better? Maybe I can start on the little picture rather than working on the big picture.

Come back to it later

This helps out so much. Sometimes I spend a little too much time on the idea that I loose all my magical sparkle I had in the beginning and now everything sounds terrible to me. Take a break. Go eat a snacky snack or drink some water. Take a walk or maybe a nap. Just take some time off of it and come back with a fresh mind.

I go for a run

This works for me, but maybe a different activity might be better for you if you hate running. Running helps me focus on one thing, the run itself. After I’m nice and sweaty, I come back with blood pumping in my brain.

Do a different creative task

Funny right? Do something creative to help you do something else creative. But it works. For example, if I can’t make a beat on a song I’ve been workin on for the past 3 hours, then I stop and take out my sketch book and draw my feelings out.


Hope you guys found this helpful. This is what I do when I feel this way, maybe this might help you figure out how you can get over your creative frustrations.


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