Mercury In Retrograde – Co-Star

Suns, Stars, Plants, and Moons…The Co-Star App

I have been obsessed with Astrology and in my own experience it is pretty accurate. One of my roommates told me about this app called Co- Star, where you can get a personalized reading that givesdaily notifications of your horoscope. Not only do you learn information about yourself, you can also connect with friends and their accounts to see compatibility and charts! All you need is your birthday date, time and location and the best part is – its free and very user friendly!

Whats72802006-zodiac-circle-with-astrology-sings-on-the-black-background.jpg nice about this app is that the information it gives you doesn’t dictate what you should do. It advice, maybe some warning, or heads up on how your day is going to be. What’s crazy is that it’s been pretty accurate for me and helpful in reminding me to stay grounded.

I know that astrology is not for everyone, and there are very strong opinions about the accuracy and trust under the horoscopes. However, I find astrology to be comforting and helpful in my situations and mindset. Like I said before, it is a reminder to be true to oneself and to work yourself to be the best person you can be. It’s funny and interesting to read into peoples signs and their compatibility, but don’t let it destroy you. When I meet someone my first thought isn’t whether or not if they would be compatible, but the first impression. Don’t trust that the stars and planets dictate your personality or the way you should preconceive a situation.

But have fun! Go check out the Co-Star app to see what I’m talking about ;).




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