New Harmony – An Update

“This night has opened my eyes…”

Hi, it’s been about a month? Maybe? And this “night” is not any particular night, its a lyric from a song that describes a lot of the first month and few weeks of the new year, and I thought I could reflect a little bit on it. Not in specifics but you know what I mean!

I feel that I haven’t attend much to songbird and I’m sorry for it! Yes apologies! But I have great news! I applied and searched and I got a JOB! I am so happy and relieved to finally get accepted somewhere. And what’s great is that I really enjoy and love the environment and benefits of the job. What else is great about it is that I get to meet new people and make new friends! This definitely changed my routine of a week. So besides school, I now have a job to attend to – I’m not complaining though!

That is one of the main reasons as to why I haven’t been writing so much here. Classes also take up some of my time when I have the free time in between and after work. Time is sacred. Things a’ changing. I’ve been changing a lot and I’m interested on where this is going to go. I’ve been reading more, and cultivating ideas and things to talk about. I only hesitate due to research and other aspects of the topics I want to talk about. I’ve been playing my guitar more and learning new skills on my MPK! I learned some songs of my favorite artists which gives me ideas for songs of my own.

On another note, I wanted to talk about body image. I love my body. I’ve been confident in myself and my dress. I’ve noticed that I’ve been a lot more expressive with the clothes I wear and how I present my body to myself and the world. And I feel good in my body! I know I haven’t been running as much but I’ve been eating better! I’m vegetarian now! I love it and I think I transitioned to it very well since I wouldn’t eat that much meat anyway. Of course I miss ham every once in a while but it not like I can’t live with out it. I can live without it.

I’ve been reconnecting…

And disconnecting. Reconnecting to the good and disconnecting to the bad. Life has been great and weird and I am trying to accept it every step of the way. I’m trying to have fun with it and just make sure I try not to hurt people along the way. I’m taking the time for myself and for my friends and family and the people I care about. As always, you should love.

This past month and few weeks have been interesting and eye opening, this night has truly opened my eyes.

The music, the friends, getting a job, lack of sleep, or sleeping all day, coming out, and sharing more of myself for myself.


“all the elements change, through it all, we go through it all…”


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