SOTW #81

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Hey! So it seems that I’m doing Songs Of The Week almost every other week? Again sorry for the inconsistency. But, let’s get down to the music!I have a lot of selections for this week. I’ve been thinking about making a new playlist for the upcoming month since my previous playlist already overflowing. Here is a list of songs I’ve been really into at the moment.

Haircut by Local Boy

Blown A Wish by My Bloody Valentine

Losing You by Boy Pablo

Pretend by Hovvdy

Watching Him Fade Away by Mac Demarco

Out Of The Game by Rufus Wainwright

Yes this is a lot but I love music so don’t judge me. I am also a week late so all these Songs of the Week accumulate into this. Enjoy!



One thought on “SOTW #81

  1. Hi Hollie. Love your blog. I’m not on many social network platforms but would love it if you would consider one of my songs for song of the week. They’re on my blog. Maybe Leave It All Behind or Five Thousand Feelings xx Thank you xx

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