Concerts – Soccer Mommy, Hovvdy Motiongazer

Let’s kickstart the start of the semester/year with concerts! YESSSSSS! Since the start of my job I am able to save a little money for the good things ;). And I decided that I should record/write my experience and thoughts about the concerts I attend to this year. What better way to start it than with Soccer Mommy, Hovvdy and Motiongazer.

Friday Feb 8, 2019 – Mohawk, Austin Texas

First off, it was cold as balls outside. I was so close to not going because of how freaking cold it was. Outside the venue two girls beside me were freezing and one of them said “it’s okay it’ll be warm inside”. Sadly I had to break it to them that the concert takes place outside and I’d recommend not to go to the balcony. They laugh and sighed. An “oh well” situation, haha.

I was maybe about tenth in line, and as always the first five people are about a foot taller than me. Time to find a window. Sucks that I still have yet to find any platform boots. Unif has some really dope ones called Bonnie Boots, gotta cop them..

8:00 pm

Anyway, the line is moving and I get somewhat a pretty good view of the stage. Still freezing my ass off and my toes are about to crack off with every hop and step I take to regain consciousness of my joints.

A random girl turns to be to readdress how cold it is. So cold that we could barely speak. We talk about how much we know or like the bands, and she has no idea of any of them. Her friend, the girl next to her, is a fan of all the bands and wanted someone to drag along. But she was happy about it, freezingly happy and excited to see some new music. I can’t remember her name. I’m not even sure if we exchanged names. I’m texting and my fingers has a burning sensation as if they are on fire. All my extremities ready to shut down. I can’t finish the text right now- give me five minutes.

There was these two guys behind me constantly joking about everything that was going on. The names of the bands, and the songs they liked. One of them had worker gloves on which I wished were mine. Heat packed fell from people’s pockets, and vape pens gave the tease of heat.

First opener- please O P E N. Finally Motiongazer comes out…

I didn’t get to take any pictures of Motiongazer, my hands were too told to take out of my pockets! But a friend of mine was there and took some great photos to Soccer Mommy and Hovvdy!

Hovvdy by Joey Martinez
Hovvdy by Joey Martinez
Soccer Mommy by Joey Martinez
Soccer Mommy by Joey Martinez

This picture below is one of my favorite ones! There was one point where he screamed into the mike and it was amazing. Also, multiple times his guitar would not work with the amp and he kept switching the guitars, haha.

Hovvdy by Joey Martinez
Hovvdy By Joey Martinez

This was definitely a frozen gig, luckily none of our fingers fell off! Finally seeing Soccer Mommy was amazing after all the times I would try to see them beforehand. Hovvdy was perfect and I can’t wait to listen to more music from Motiongazer.

Up next we have Men I Trust with Michael Seyer next week ;).

Photography : @pkjoey


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