If Thinking Could Be Blown Away

Hello my readers, here is a poem I wrote for one of my poetry classes. It was recently workshopped but I thought I should share it in it’s original form, once edited and played around with I might post a new version. This is welcome to multiple interpretations which is something I discovered during the workshop. The title of the poem is inspired by MBV’s song “Blown a Wish”.

This poem is dedicated to many, to all, and to one.


If Thinking Could Be Blown Away


I           Blow a wish, rouged between peaches

Yellow dazed with our songs and stars, that

Sliver the lines of horizontal disturbance.


II         Road trivia, mapped over the exit signs

I see: PTSD, regurgitation, OCD, evaluation,

BTT, embrace, RTS, laceration – we made it.


III        Sometimes these check points stop the search

For our brothers and sisters, we won the game

So why not forget about it later?


VI        Between fare and the absence of farewell,

Blow a wish and the wished to be blown,

Forget and receive to forgetting to receive.


V         If thinking could be blown away

Harmonize the new horizon of the sunset greens,

Into hues coughed, spit, red regurgitated

Ojos naranjas para siempre.


VI        Raptures of trauma, fish have memories too

Like the time when the cow jumped over the moon,

Raptures housed in perennial asylum.


VII      And let’s have this conversation over bird spikes

Feathers ruffled, explosion, exploitation, exploration

Written on flesh tones.


VIII     With every act of violence

Bares the weight of ecstasy, a chance

To turn on the lovers and the poets to fixation.


IX        Resist, persist, and I insist to enlist

This break and judgement, to let peaches

Roll into eyes blown to reminiscence.


X         Will these perennial flashbacks finalize

Life’s trivia, road side games – fishes have memories

Too, let’s keep driving.



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