Remembering the Band-Her’s

Her’s – UK band Killed in a car crash

Stephen Fitzpatrick – Auden Laading – Trevor Engelbrektson

This post was going to be something else, it was going to be me reminiscing the moment I got to see Her’s perform, when I got to meet them.

It pains me to even think that this special duo and their tour manager passed away in a head-on crash on their way to the Santa Anna gig from Arizona. It was just a few days ago during SXSW that I got to see them perform. I remember how long I waited for that day. I would have done anything just to see them perform again.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetHer’s was a group that was always present in my life. Since 2016 when they first released their singles I was hooked. They became my favorite band.

Since then I was always listening, waiting for new songs to be released. Attempting to learn “What Once Was” on the guitar, and harmonizing with Stephens vocals. I remember that this specific song made me feel something I have never felt before. I wanted to pick up my guitar again, I wanted to learn bass because of Auden, I wanted to write music. I looked up to them so much, and they made me so happy through their music. I still look up to them.

It’s safe to say that they never made a bad song, never. Even in their debut album Invitation To Her’s, every song had a place in my heart.

I shared Her’s with so many of my loved one’s and friends, and they laughed at the way I sang and played air guitar over their tracks. They meant so much to me.

They were going places, their talent and sound was so passionate and humble. They welcomed and gave their time with every fan. I regret not telling them everything on my mind, and I hope that they knew that all their fans were always listening and supporting them every step of the way.

At the venue (The Parish), I remember seeing them and my heart stopped. I couldn’t believed that I was going to see them. Even in their mannerism, Stephen and Auden showed friendliness and true selves. Quirky and just having fun- loving everything they were doing. After the show I thanked them for the performance and Stephen thanked me for being at the front supporting and singing along.

I asked them for a picture and they happily agreed. One of them burped from their Lone Star beer and apologized for their sweatiness and I said “its all right, let’s be sweaty together” and they laughed. After the picture, I asked them to sign my phone. And that IMG_6622was it. We said buy and I left smiling so hard the entire day.

Last time I saw them was outside of Swan Dive. It was badges only so I couldn’t go in. Luckily the security guard let me go inside for a bit to take one last picture and listen to one song. Afterwards, being a big freaking stan I am, I hung outside the bar and sang along and clapped to their songs, not caring if people heard me or stared.

The night that I heard of the freak accident my heart dropped.

I was walking home from work and I started crying on the spot. I got home and cried for two hours while listening to their albums. Never have I experienced the feeling of loss or loosing someone, and I don’t even want to start thinking of anything like that happening to my family, and thank goodness that has not happened.

I felt stupid crying every time I thought about them, they hardly knew me. But I couldn’t stop crying.

Their art, their music, they made so much of an impact on me. They were there during hard times, and through mental conflicts I had. They made me smile and they made me want to dance. I wanted to share my art just like them, and someday have the time to fully thank them for everything they have done for myself and many others. I just wanted to share all the love they had.

That’s why it hurts so much.

It was a terrible accident. It’s weird to think that we think of musicians as untouchable, yet they are just as vulnerable and fragile as any one else. Anyone can be gone in a second, life is that fragile.

Before the accident I was planning on getting my first tattoo from their sixth track in Invitation To Her’s – “Breathing Easy”. I listen to this song at least once or more a day or week. It’s just a gentle reminder to just breath easy, and that everything is going to be okay.

“Don’t crack, sit back, love grieve, live breathe.”

I wanted to place each two words on the inner parts of my arms that way I can always remember.

I think I’m also going to get the Her’s logo tattooed.

I wanted their words to be apart of me, because they have been all this time.


Stephen and Auden were such beautiful and loving individuals in this world and will be missed. Rest Easy



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