Happy Rex Manning Day!

“We mustn’t dwell. No, not today. We can’t. Not on Rex Manning day!” -Mark

What is Rex Manning Day? Well if you’ve seen the cult movie Empire Records you know exactly what I mean when I say Rex Manning.

Empire Records (1995) has to be one of my favorite feel good movies ever. When ever I’m having a bad day (or even a good one) I like to play this movie and dance and quote along. The soundtrack is amazing and definitely nostalgic to the max.

What is so important about Rex Manning? Nothing, he sucks actually, you would know if you seen the movie ;). The characters in the are the best, Mark the goof, Lucas the screw up, Aj the artist, Debora and her angst- but there is something deeper and more human than just these things that represent them.

This movie is unrealistic but thats what I love about it. It’s just a bunch of young adults and their love for music. You get dance scenes, moshing, crying and screaming, head shaving, and 9,000 dollars on the loose.

This movie makes me laugh and sing, I love it. So please if you haven’t seen this movie go on Netflix and watch it! Go rent it! Go buy it!

Damn the man, save the empire!



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