Here Comes The Cowboy – Mac Demarco Album Review

Mac Demarco is currently out with a new album called Here Comes The Cowboy, a 13 track collection of songs that do not fall to audiences expectations. At first listen there is confusion, uncertainty, and eventual skips to the end. However, this albums does have moments of shine and solitude, this work is definitely a personal and unapologetic view into Demarco’s diary and solitude. This album focuses on what it is to not please others but one self. The wobbly and unfinished sounding tracks are an example of this. In a way, Demarco is pulling a Bob Dylan (shout out to Dylan’s album Self Portrait).

MacDemarco_HereComesTheCowboyStill, some of his songs are very promising, and it might be because I’m a Mac Stan and I am biased- but I really do appreciate this album after a couple of listens. Its a nice album to reflect to, to settle/sit down and just think- or not- about things. I would say that the strongest songs in this album would be “Nobody”, “On The Square”, and “Finally Alone”. These songs are closely related to his past album This Old Dog. “All Of Are Yesterdays”  might even have a place there too. These songs are the strongest in fullness and production. However, after listening to this album a 100 times, its hard for me to not sing along to all the songs. There still seems to be a catchiness despite the simpleness and empty quality to the songs. Empty as in – alone in a room with a guitar and a microphone by your side.

Of course this is not Demarco’s best album to date, but an artist must expand and grow, even it that means in a direction not suited for the audience. But there is a crowd in the Demarco family that will love this album, even with its new country-cali guitar chords and intimate vocals- it will be cherished.

Top Listeners (No Order)

  1. Finally Alone
  2. Nobody
  3. K
  4. All Of Our yesterdays
  5. Preoccupied
  6. Heart To Heart
  7. On The Square

Second Top (No Order)

  1. Little Dogs March
  2. Here Comes The Cowboy
  3. Choo Choo
  4. Hey Cowgirl
  5. Skyless Moon
  6. Bay Bye Bye

I would rate this album a 4.5/10

Can’t wait for your visit to Austin,Tx Mac! 🇨🇱


Photo By Yuki Kikuchi




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