SOTW #89

Hey guys, I’m back…

from a few weeks of traveling and listening to music throughout the way. I’m excited to be back and I hope you’ve checked out my Lengths To Body Love article, a new series I wanted to start. Now, on to the Songs Of The Week. There’s nothing too new here but I hope you enjoy the songs I’ve been playing over and over.

High by The Cure

I’ve fallen in love with this song all over again. I think what makes me go gaga is the lyrics. They’re so playful and sweet and as dramatic as it may sound, I wish I could write the words all over my body.

Tonight! by Ruru

I think I play this song almost everyday, I can’t wait for the new stuff to drop! ❤

I Wanna C U by Blood Orange

I literally heard this song today on my way back home. I’m in love.

Renee by Sales

Some sweet stuff.

Hope you enjoyed these picks, what are you listening to these days?


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