Books I’ve Been Reading

Hello! I know that the start of a week should be a new songs of the week, but I’m little behind! So today I wanted to share with you some books I’ve been reading. The summer usually promises time of reading and relaxing, and sadly I did not read as much as I wanted but I still wanted to share.



The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I always wanted to read this book ever since my grandma showed me the movie. I love and know the movie by heart. I was really interested how well they would adapt from the book and I admit it’s very close. I highly recommend this book to any one who wants a classic read. I’m already 1/3 through the book and I’m pretty sure I can finish this in a few days.




Lizard by Banana Yoshimoto

Is a collection of short stories, one being Lizard. Banana Yoshimoto is next to one of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami. Both authors master the art of Japanese surrealism. I really enjoyed reading Yoshimoto’s book Kitchen which is why I am excited to finish this book. Currently I’m on the story Lizard!




Herbs by Jennie Harding

I’ve always wanted a book that involved flowers/herbs with their healing and medicinal purposes. This isn’t a book for reading but more of reference. I’m interested in nature and I thought this book would be useful in making me more knowledgeable. This one has all their latin names, where they’re native too, and purpose as well some history behind how the herb/plant was used.


I hope you check out these books and let me know what you think! Also, what have you’ve been reading this summer?



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