My Art + Art Account

So just spontaneously I decided to make and art account. I also wanted to share my art with you which I believe I’ve never done. I’ve shared thoughts, opinions, pictures, and poetry but never physical art. I hold art-my art- to be very special and personal to me. I’ve kept it to myself for a very long time and I decided that I finally want to share it with other people. I understand that others get inspired by art and I am inspired by others, so let’s continue the cycle. I don’t have a specific style of art, I enjoy the fact that I can control and change the way I am and the way I want people to perceive my style. However, my art is specific in routine- I find it very spiritual while I do my art, and usually I don’t like to be interrupted when I do it. I also like to finish it with one sitting.

I mostly use markers and brush markers, I love patterns and lines and dotting details (I’m pretty sure there is a term for it).  I have no experience in art and drawing, except that I took lessons once at the Hobby Lobby in my hometown. Other than that, I am inexperienced. I do this art out of enjoyment and never for others unless I want to give it to others. Creating something by hand is so relaxing and relieving. In any sort of way, everyone should be able to express themselves.

I would like to incorporate some of my poetry into my drawings. Funny thing is, when I can’t get words on paper, I know that it’s suppose to be a drawing.

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I hope you enjoy my art!











One thought on “My Art + Art Account

  1. Jackson pollock said “The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating” never be afraid to express your feelings even if they are wrong, rude, ostentatious, silly, brave . Create how you feel and feel free to create hope you stray inspired.


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