SOTW #92

Hello my friends. Its been a busy past two weeks, full of school and work that I almost have no energy to do much! Yes, that is the ugly truth. For a bit I forgot about the blog. If I were to do all the things I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have a moments rest to do absolutely nothing. So…I resorted to listening to really slow and chill music. Music that makes me happy and calm in the chaos I feel in my mind. So here are some of the songs I’ve been listening too. Hope you enjoy.

Kantori Ongaku, Mi Negrita, Brindo,Cristobal, Mourner’s Dance

by Devendra Banhart

I have been listening to this man for 2 weeks straight, and literally only him. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to all his albums and singles. I have no idea why I have not heard of him before. Maybe one of his songs, but it never stuck that time. I am very inspired by this artist and I can’t wait for the new music to drop and seeing him live for Levitation fest!

This one gives me Twin Peaks vibes 🙂

This should have been an Artist Inspiration, but oh well! Maybe I can go in more depth of who Devendra Banhart is. Till then I hope you enjoy!



Let Us Adore You (Reprise) From Steven Universe The Movie

This song makes me tear up…should I cover it?

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