Hi everyone, I’ve collected some poems but I strayed away from posting them. The class I’m taking has forced me ( in a good way) to write poems/lines/phrases again. I’m happy that I’m writing again, and I’ve noticed that my word choices and the poems themselves have changed. I’ll try to post the ones I do for class, but here is one that I wrote outside of it. I might use this is workshop, but I don’t know. I try not to devalue my poetry and I treat it as separate from myself. I hope you enjoy this short one.



I never wear yellow,

alike tones are fermented in olive

oiled, wearing lint is a great way to burn time

and I’d sit and think about

being a 6 year old, biased to the comfort of

what they would have said at me

never wearing yellow. I take

comfort knowing I felt

nothing, its eyes drawing my

horoscope, “don’t wear meat today, forecast cloudy”


I decided to keep a book

of these prophecies

all stained in gibberish to

characters to cinnamon

to using jalapeños

for ice…mmm


It said to rub sandpaper

and lied about lemons for remedy,

“sunshine is your best color”









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