SOTW # 93

Hey buckos, back again with new Songs Of The Week. I’ve heard some pretty good songs and I can’t wait to share them with you. So please enjoy, and lemme know if you have any recommendations.

Sports Men by Haruomi Hosono

This is one of my favorite artist’s favorite artist! Mac Demarco has talked about him in some interviews and has taken inspiration on Hosono’s writing, asthetic, songwriting methods. Truly a genuis. Believe it or not this song came out in the 80s.


Flyying Kite by The Onlys

A new and up and coming band- you should definetly listen to The Onlys! The popped up on my Spotify one day and it was perfect because I was looking for somthing new to listen to. I checked out some of their other tracks and I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed this new single!

Nice by The Onlys

Found Me by Men I Trust

Already from the start of the lead guitar, I was hooked. I love this band.


I hjope you enjoyed my picks for the week, please share and spread the love of music. ❤


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