Some of my Favorite Things

I want to take a look back and remind myself that there are some good things, the best things, and favorite things in my life. I thought of this when I was going for a walk today around my campus and it reminded me of some beautiful things hidden. I’ve realized that I really like hidden corners haha. But, I felt like I should share some things that I appreciate.

Phone Calls

I’m not the best texter or caller, but when I get a phone call I get all warm. Some of these phone calls have really helped me a lot, especially when I was in my own head. It’s good to hear someone’s voice be it family or a friend.


At the start of 2019, I got really big on walks. One day I went to the park with a friend and I realized that I love walks. I love them! I guess you can say it’s the adult version of having an adventure. I’ve had amazing conversations on walks, and I’ve had amazing retrospect. I like to go on walks to force myself out of the house, and honestly its the best kind of medicine I’ve ever had.

Finishing a Poem

This is mentally taxing. Writing a poem really takes a lot out of me because usually what I’m writing about has been hitting me hard, be it good or bad. Or maybe it was something that has inspired me that possessed me to throw up some words on a paper. I love writing poetry, it can be so fragmented and at times that’s how I think. Poetry is a medium I use to get those things out.

A song you’ve never heard

Oh my god, I love this so much. Hearing a song for the first time and instantly falling in love with it. I have spent nearly 48 hours listening to the same song. I think of this as a secret gift that this unseen music god has sent down. This actually happened today when I was going for a walk :).

Eyes and Hands

I don’t know what it is but I love eyes and hands. When I talk to someone I’d like to give them my undivided attention. And I remember someone telling me that I make a lot of eye contact. I feel that a lot can be said with eyes. Even with hands and gestures.

Spontaneous Plans

Sometimes having unplanned plans is the best. I love being random and spontaneous. In a way, it makes the days go by smoothly. It’s one of my favorite things because it involves other people and friends.


By myself, or with people- dancing has been such a big thing for me. Once I started getting out and socializing I’ve been more comfortable with myself. I’m not the best dancer but I know how to enjoy myself.


Hugs make me feel 100 times better. So much better. I use to not like getting hugs when I was younger, and I don’t know why. I love hugs and I love giving people hugs.

Other Peoples Passions

It makes me happy to see others happy. When I see someone passionate or excited about things I just want to give them a hug. (lotta hugs)


What are some of your favorite things 🙂



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