Fruits And Sharpie

Some Drawings From My Journal

Can creativity be at a high and low at the same time? The lack and slack of my blog posts have been bugging me but sometimes I am not the best at coordinating and organizing a plan. I usually work with my own time and patience unless it involves other people in the process.

I’ve been reaching to create and I’ve found that through drawing, sketching, doodling, and even writing random lines and lyrics. I think that I have a lot to express but not a big enough canvas to place every medium and content I want. I end up getting overwhelmed or too excited-in the end, nothing comes out of it! But sometimes I like to draw when I can’t write, just wanted to share some things I’ve been making during this week 🙂 I hope you enjoy.


2020-02-17 222020-02-17 21-422020-02-17 21-412020-02-17 21-402020-02-17 21-39



Do you like to draw?

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