The Art Of Isolation

I haven’t said much about what is going on in the world, but it has definitely been on my mind. A LOT. I worry…I have fears and anxieties. And with the whole COVID-19 and paranoia of the world population, I’ve been reconsidering human reactions and morals and just the way we treat each other during a world panic, and it’s upsetting. There will be massive consequences casualties to this pandemic and we will see it in the employment rate, the economy, education, politics, and on families. The best that we can do, that I can do is be a good person. Treat each other with love and with words and good intentions. To help those in need and to seek those that can’t ask for help themselves. I  just want everyone to be okay you know, especially for the ones that I care about, and I’m sure you wish that too.

Now I want to address the fact that YES I have not been active enough. YES, it’s because I’m lazy. YES, it’s because I think I have no real content to give you. YES, I am sorry!! What can I do? Well, I could start posting more now that we’re stuck in quarantine. Might as well give some content if ya’ll are interested. I wonder want kind of things I can write about here….day 9 of quarantine, i wondered how many goldfish crackers I could fit in my mouth turns out that its almost half….

Just kidding, but really. This sort of thing might extend to more than just the end of this new week. What can keep me occupied in this isolation? Of course, I’m not physically alone, I decided to visit my family for this last week but I still need the motivation to get some use out of the days! Back in Austin, I couldn’t use public transportation (not that I wanted to), and back here at home I don’t have a care and today it was issued today that we have a curfew at 10. Even more to tighten the quarantine :).

But I was inspired by…believe it or not, Julie & Julia. Yes, the movie.

I’ve seen it before when I was younger, and yes it was one of my inspirations to start a blog and it sparked that passion again. I don’t know what it was before but I felt sort of lost for a while. I think it was a transitioning phase, there was a rush and then there was nothing.

But this should be the start of something? Don’t you think?

I was scrolling through Instagram and I love this post by @chronicflowers, Bria Vinaite.

This lifted my spirits and inspired me to think of some sort of schedule or at least a list of things to do to make my day worth it. Maybe try a few new things, perhaps finish a book or start that TV series I told everyone I would watch someday.

I have already started, hear me out…I went on a “camping” and hiking weekend at Dripping Springs. I know, I know we’re supposed to practice social distancing, but what was I suppose to do? Not go? Also, there is perfect isolation in pure nature?

Maybe I can do a daily on The Art Of Isolation? I could try for this week and see how it holds up? Wouldn’t you like to know the art of isolation because I know I would! It could be fun, and you know what, it is fun! There are so many lights to self-isolation, I’m sure. And with me to tag along with this journey with you, it won’t be so lonely :).

Here’s to The Art Of Isolation- let’s see where it takes us.



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