Hey guys! Time to make a post!

Here is a poem I wrote about a week ago. It was a collection of phrases that I’ve written in the past month. It might not make sense, hence the title 🙂

Pls Enjoy



Some of my Favorite Things

Some of my Favorite Things

I want to take a look back and remind myself that there are some good things, the best things, and favorite things in my life. I thought of this when I was going for a walk today around my campus and it reminded me of some beautiful things hidden. I’ve realized that I really like hidden corners haha. But, I felt like I should share some things that I appreciate.

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GOOD THINGS- small talk, people, things, smiles

GOOD THINGS- small talk, people, things, smiles

SO, how long has it been since I made a video? Almost since the summer, I think.

I’m really glad I made this video. It felt good and I was in no rush to make it. I know when I did the youtube thing I planned heavily or I made dumb goals that were unattainable.

This video is everywhere! I do a little bit of catch up on where and what I’ve been doing and at 7:07 the rest is a cute little montage of some good things 😉

Please enjoy!

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Join The Cult

Join The Cult

Art by Tin Can Forest

Songbird is calling all artists of many shapes, colors, and sizes. Yes, I’m talking to you…

I realized that I am surrounded by so many people who like to CREATE. In all honesty, I feel inspired by these people and the new people that I meet. I genuinely get so excited and giddy at the fact that people like to make things just like me!

Now, I have bigger plans for this but of course, I’m going to start off small and FEATURE these artists. Eventually, I would like it if people could write for this blog, but that is a whole other matter and maybe side project of a kind. There is a lot of big steps and regulations to consider haha!

This sort of reminds me of the First Impressions Series I was starting, but that can happen another time. This time I really want to feature the artists and their own work.

I know I say things, and sometimes don’t follow up…but….this time it’s different. I mean, I said I would do Songs Of The Week and that is one of many things I have actually kept up! This is something entirely fresh and new! More faces! More art! More creatives!

So! Please! Let’s get started!

If you would like to contact me, please do at

@_hollie_songbird_blog on Instagram or comment below.

Sorry about no email, working on it!






Okay okay, I really stalled this post because posting about my own music is pretty vulnerable. Some days I like my music and other times I really don’t. But I have to post about it sometime. And who knows! I have the choice to delete this if I wanted to :o. Anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂

I really don’t know what this song is, but it was fun making it!

Give me a follow if you’d like 🙂

I have other songs like these…

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They Tell Me Nice Things – a poem

They Tell Me Nice Things – a poem


Another assignment for the books…



There’s a club if you’d like

To jump off


I throw my head off

And I think

they like me


Inside there was the

Smile of tobacco

And a boy

But really, he’s just a boy with fingers

And a girl

Crying in my glass

Still tastes pretty


I pulled off my lips

And I found myself attractive

And the tobacco was still

Smiling in the corner

And I danced around jokes


My friends walked through

Puddles of fire

While I dig up some lode

Resigning my eardrums for the night

And we breezed

And told me nice things





SOTW #95

SOTW #95

Hey guys, thought I was gonna leave? Well, you thought wrong. I’ve been taking a break ever since my birthday, now I’m back…(for now before I leave again). Hey, it’s a one-woman show here! I got to make time and there’s only so much. What was I supposed to talk about again? Oh yeah, music!

Here’s is some good stuff I’ve been listening to :)…

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-take me for example- a playlist

-take me for example- a playlist

Yes yes yes, I know I just posted about a playlist. Well too bad! I make so many because my mood changes with thinks. My obsessions file through and I find new ones, that doesn’t mean the old ones are ever forgotten. It’s always a suprise to hear a song you loved many moons ago. I hope you enjoy this playlist. This represents a lot that is leading up for tomorrow ❤ Continue reading “-take me for example- a playlist”


(title inspired by the Kate Bush song)


For the second time I asked

why the clouds were late

I grew rosemary on my

temples and collected


               tines in the morning


wax of secrets and diaries of

beauty for

               the second time, a second time

the world was made with

paper and construction blue


I love it when

my stomach jokes

and when my elbow drove me to the lake

with a door, and I

remembered the last time my liver was

handed, crowned with

jewels and baskets of

oranges, the ones picked

last night rolled back twice

on some moss’s jealousy


I wonder why

I wonder

Why the second time

the clouds didn’t call today





Hi everyone, I’ve collected some poems but I strayed away from posting them. The class I’m taking has forced me ( in a good way) to write poems/lines/phrases again. I’m happy that I’m writing again, and I’ve noticed that my word choices and the poems themselves have changed. I’ll try to post the ones I do for class, but here is one that I wrote outside of it. I might use this is workshop, but I don’t know. I try not to devalue my poetry and I treat it as separate from myself. I hope you enjoy this short one.