Album Review: Mac Demarco This Old Dog

I have been waiting for this album for a very very long time. And at last it finally came out on May 5, the day before I went to see Chance The Rapper. Mac Demarco is coming clean in this brand new side of himself in the album This Old Dog. In this album we a given a collective storyline of emotions through all the tracks. From the first song My Old Man to the last in Watching Him Fade Way. I had very very high expectations for his new release since I have saturated myself in the depths of Demarcos past albums.

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Album Review: Kendrick Lamars DAMN

I remember one time my friend showed me a song by Kendrick Lamar and my ears were not really adjusted to rap or hip hop music so it didn’t really affect me as much as I wanted it to. It was a great song but it didn’t remember the name of it but this was about a year ago

Now this is the first time since last year I have given him another chance. And this album is crazy good. I got so use to listening to it because my boyfriend would always play it over and over while we were doing homework and I could hear it through his headphones. At the start of the summer is when I had some downtime to play it and actually listen to the album, and it became one of the albums I like to listen to while I worked out.

The first few songs that caught my attention was YEH and ELEMENT. I think the reason why YEH attracted to me is because I really enjoy and crave the slow dreamscape of rap. This reminded me of how I would listen to The Internet and their album Ego Death and even Nonames Telefone album. Lamars album incorporates the mix of upbeat aggressive tracks and slow vulnerability. This album is incredibly lyrical and consistent through the production and musicality of the tracks.

As I listened to it another time I started to feel the emotional rawness and aggression of Lamar. In the first track BLOOD it features the Fox News clip over the controversy of him and his music being “bad for black culture” and “race relations”. In this album and tracks Lamar goes with force of the embodiment of aggression and questioning of his own faith, self ,and morality. It is just by the obvious bold titles of the tracks and words like FEEL, PRIDE, GOD, LOVE, FEAR, HUMBLE, and PRIDE there is a relation of these words that mean bold concepts such as politically, and morally. We struggle with this and Lamar showcases his own struggle of what to do with himself in this conflict. In the album you can hear the unhappynes and sadness of Lamar which brings the honestly and attraction of the lyrics and tracks.

In the music sense of he album the production and sound of the album is amazing. Cuts are crisp and transitional. And the bass works are amazing. A really interesting transition is in the song XXX.FEAT.U2, when lamars slow rap transitions to a more aggressive and fast pace to a hill slope down to the slow collection when Bono sings the lyrics 

It’s not place

This country is to me a sound of drum and bass

You close your eyes to look around

And other wonderful transition is with ELEMENT and the chorus comes into place. 

The tracks that I like from most to least is:

  1. YEH
  3. DNA
  5. FEEL
  6. FEAR
  7. XXX

This is a pretty hot album, really great to listen to chill or to not. There are so many bangers and Kendrick has now become a new artist in my library. I would give this album a 8, (remember just my opinion) 🙂 

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


The Shins: “Heartworms” Album Review

This is a big one for me, a big one. I have been listening to The Shins since I was born, their band formed in 1996 with the soul of it all, James Mercer. Mercer and one other band member are the only original bandmates since 1996. Since then, Mercer made many changes by adding and taking away band members that didn’t share his vision or blocked his creativity and beyond horizons vision.

Their past album before Heartworms, is Port of Morrow, which sadly I have not fully listened too. (I will listen to it though,soon) Actually one of my favorite songs and partnered music video is from Port of Morrow, called “Simple Song” ( which I recommend to listen to).


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Vagabon: “Infinite Worlds” Album Review

Coming out this 2017 is , Vagabon, singer and songwriter Laetitia Tamko. In 2014 she released her first EP Persian Gardens. Since then she has developed her musical indie sound and even dedicated herself how to play all the instruments that is now recorded in her new album Infinite Worlds.

Brooklyn based- 24 four year old Laetitia Tamko has grown into her indie rock sound, producing a album that holds many raw and personal poetics and sounds. Laetitia showcases a force of rawness and vibrant indie taste layered with unapologetic vocals. Upon hearing her for the first time in the opening song The Embers, I was surprised by the loose and rush 90s quality of her voice. I got a slight tambour of Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins and a touch of Sinead O’Conner, not in sound but in quality.

When listing to the first five songs I felt as if I was a part of her personal life. I was in some way looking through all her brokenness and expereinces. I can feel her isolation and loss, a hopeful look towards finding oneself during pain.


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