IT the Movie

IT the Movie

IT the Movie: WTF did I just watch

This has been one of the best movies I have seen so far in 2017. I can’t really remember what other movies I have seen that came out this year. Perhaps Guardians Of The Gallaxy is up there. But what has been trucking through my mind is the thought of Pennywise the dancing clown and the Losers clubs unity to defeat him and end the traumatizing terrors they face commonly through out the whole movie.

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Garden City Movement

Garden City Movement

I don’t remember when I saw this video, but it caught my attention and the music just gave me a nostalgic vibe. This artist is actually very familiar to me, but I am not sure if I heard anything from them. Maybe when I was listening to a indie playlist on Spotify, I may have heard this song. This also brings back the artists Washed Out vibes from the instrumentation, yet the vocals are different since I am able to hear it clearly than listening to Washed Out. On another note Washed Out is coming out in a tour called the Get Lost Tour, Im really psyched about this, but not too sure that he will come to Austin or even Texas.

But back to Secret Garden Movement, this is a pretty good song and I can’t wait to listen to more of them. Looking back at the video I really do love how they play with color and androgynous characters. This song is a part of their debut release of their single for 2017.

Give it a listen,give music a chance.


YouTube Videos

My main form of “social media” would be Youtube. I can be on the app or on my computer for hours and hours and waste my time watching videos instead of doing actual work. I love to watch You Tube videos, and I usually watch them for inspiration for writing or creativity. I feel that being on twitter and Instagram is okay, but I like to see peoples effort and production into something they love like creating videos and content for people to watch and enjoy. I wish I could create something like a youtube channel, at one time I wanted to but of course I forget or I get lazy. I mean who knows, maybe someday I might start making videos. In like a 100 years.

For now I’ll stick to writing.

But here are some of my favorite youtubers or youtube videos that I like to watch. None are in any particular order because I could not possibility rate all my faves!



  1. Megan Batoon

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