Gratitude – Day 13

Gratitude – Day 13

“I am grateful that my last class was canceled” 

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Gratitude – Day 6

Gratitude – Day 6

“I am grateful for today, my Birthday!”


I just want to keep this post nice and short. I know this might be a little late but I wanted to make this post.

Although my birthday was filled with school and exams – it was also filled with people that I love and that care about me.

Don’t even waste your time feeling down or stressing about something in the past or to come. The future is ahead and there are moments to be enjoyed. 💖

I had such a great and beautiful 21st Birthday!

I love everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful night!



National Gratitude Month


30 Days of Poetry: Day #1

30 Days of Poetry: Day #1

Hello! This is the first day starting my 30 Days of Poetry Challenge. In advance- may mess up with some consistency in these first 3 days. I have a lot on my plate and I forgot to plan my days correctly. But I hope you enjoy this! Maybe I’ll even make a playlist of songs I listened to when I made these poems. This is going to be interesting…lets see how it goes! 🙂


 Day #1: Write a poem about hellos.


7:00 am

A welcoming smile is brighter than the sun

But the sun brings me a blanket over the night

And when the night greets my eyes

I am hugged to sleep

Headless and Heavy, everyone might be sleeping in

But I make the time to say hello to my consciousness.


12:00 pm

People awkwardly make eye contact because it is the normal thing to do

When you see someone in the hallway they find you too

And the sincere wave and smile

Never goes further than that, unless there is more

What was their name again?


4:00 pm

After the crowd of introductions and papers

Speakers whom you forget their name….

I embrace your still stature, and together we walk to our respective.

This the welcome that never gets old.

I know your name and I know their names

How great is it to see you again


11:00 pm

Headless and heavy, I see the overcast of sleep

And It asks me to be their friend while I can barely hold myself up

My eyes crisscross feet and focus on focusing

Good times roll, and punching media and essays of what comes next

Hands on the side and jeans off

I take it slowly and lay still.