SOTW #58

SOTW #58

I don’t even know what to write for this. The sun is so hot that it literally degrades and burns my brain cells as we speak. But I must write.

Here are some songs I like.

Kitchen Witch by Ariel Pink

You Mean A Lot by Enjoy

Locket by Crumb

Dark Red by Steve Lacy

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



SOTW #29

SOTW #29

Hello!!!!!! This is sort of my week day of class so I am pretty excited for the break. This weeks songs of the week have been…

Micheal Cera’s newest release Best I Can made for the new 2017 romantic-documentary Dina. I discovered this song a while back when it was first released. Since then I have fallen in love with this song. There is this type of innocence and tenderness of love you can hear and it is just so beautiful to the ears.

Best I Can by Micheal Cera feat Sharon Van Etten


Another song I’ve been listening to is…

I Was a Fool by Sunflower Bean




Two Extra Pumps Of Bliss by Enjoy



I’ve really enjoyed these songs a lot. It was something new and fresh to find and I hope to find more songs. If you want to hear more songs and different albums please go read my post here.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



30 Days of Poetry: Day #3

30 Days of Poetry: Day #3

Day #3: Write a poem based off of your favorite fairy tale


women wish they were called a beauty

but no escape can mirror the future

but what will be shown is cast at glance

belle of intelligence

and misunderstood in community

talking to oneself or objects give comfort

only one person of companionship

can overturn the break

words and bindings can tell knowledge

teach and warm the stories that give hope


Be true to yourself

be kind to others

unless savage life and bring your life to end

like the roses petals

that fall to every grace and time



Song playing: Tighten the Reins by Puzzle