SOTW #80

SOTW #80

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this…

So I got a new Songs Of The Week for ya! Today I actually listen and discovered some new artists! Music really is overwhelming, but I love it. These artists I love make me want to write songs so bad! I am planning for next weeks #SOTW. If you like this post don’t forget to leave a comment or like! Happy Listening!

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SOTW #39

SOTW #39

Another week of February! This is month has beenĀ going by really fast. This past week I’ve been listening to a lot of female front voices. One great goodie is…

Vacation by Florist

I’ve always really liked this song and it reminds me of my Dad. I showed him this song and he really liked it, I figured he would.

Recently I’ve been listening to Girlpool’s latest album, and I’ve heard that they released a new single. But one song that I can’t take out of my mind is…

It Gets More Blue by Girlpool

I don’t know why, but this so is so addicting to me. I vividly remember hearing this song live and it was so attractive to me. I wish I could hear that song again in person, or at least recorded it, but that’s what makes the memory special.

Try by Soccer Mommy

This song I just heard on Sunday and IĀ love it. It was recommended from Spotify since I like Girlpool.

These songs make me feel good and I hope you enjoy listening to them!

Give it a listen, give music a chance!


THE SHINS IN CONCERT feat. Girlpool and Baio

THE SHINS IN CONCERT feat. Girlpool and Baio

This is late but…

Something pretty surreal happened to me. This was actually a few weeks ago but I didn’tĀ have time to write about it. On November 12 my boyfriend and IĀ  went to see The Shins. Yes, the band that has been a part of my life since I can remember. I would have never thought that I would be able to see them. I always worried that they would break up or die off before I could ever see them. But, I can now scratch off The Shins on my concert bucket list. This was an experience that was incomprehensible. My boyfriend and I are such nerds when it comes to James Mercer and The Shins, it is actually the main band that brought us together.

Now when I first bought the tickets I didn’t really pay attention to the date. I didn’t care, I wanted to go see The Shins. It wasn’t until the week that I realized that it started after a choir concert I had to perform in. however, by luck, a friend offered to drive us to the venue after the choir concert. And by chance, we got to Emo’s at the perfect time before people started to crow in. We got front row.

Before we saw The Shins, Girlpool performed. I remember that I’ve heard of them before but I’d never thought I would get the chance to actually hear them in person for the first time.


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