SOTW #80

SOTW #80

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this…

So I got a new Songs Of The Week for ya! Today I actually listen and discovered some new artists! Music really is overwhelming, but I love it. These artists I love make me want to write songs so bad! I am planning for next weeks #SOTW. If you like this post don’t forget to leave a comment or like! Happy Listening!

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SOTW #39

SOTW #39

Another week of February! This is month has been going by really fast. This past week I’ve been listening to a lot of female front voices. One great goodie is…

Vacation by Florist

I’ve always really liked this song and it reminds me of my Dad. I showed him this song and he really liked it, I figured he would.

Recently I’ve been listening to Girlpool’s latest album, and I’ve heard that they released a new single. But one song that I can’t take out of my mind is…

It Gets More Blue by Girlpool

I don’t know why, but this so is so addicting to me. I vividly remember hearing this song live and it was so attractive to me. I wish I could hear that song again in person, or at least recorded it, but that’s what makes the memory special.

Try by Soccer Mommy

This song I just heard on Sunday and I love it. It was recommended from Spotify since I like Girlpool.

These songs make me feel good and I hope you enjoy listening to them!

Give it a listen, give music a chance!