Gratitude – 17 thru 22

Gratitude – 17 thru 22

Hey guys, sorry for not keeping up with the gratitude. I know I couldn’t make posts but every day that I missed I did think about what I was grateful for. Today is a special day, and is actually one of my favorite holidays- Thanksgiving!

“I am grateful for being able to come home and spend time with my family”…

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Gratitude- Day 11 and 12

Gratitude- Day 11 and 12

Another double post! Enjoy!

Day 11

“I am grateful for the study times with RJ”

Sometimes getting out of the house is just what I need. It’s even better to have RJ to keep me company. Staying stuck in the house really does take a toll. So go outside, get some fresh air.

Day 12

” I am grateful for writing poetry”

I’m not the best poetry, but we all can’t be. I’m learning every day new ways to improve my writing. Sometimes I have really bad days or the first draft is terrible. Nothing is perfect the first time. Practice leads to improvement.


National Gratitude Month