Remembering the Band-Her’s

Remembering the Band-Her’s

Her’s – UK band Killed in a car crash

Stephen Fitzpatrick – Auden Laading – Trevor Engelbrektson

This post was going to be something else, it was going to be me reminiscing the moment I got to see Her’s perform, when I got to meet them.

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SOTW #26

SOTW #26

This week has been incredibly busy and really weird. So much has happened this past week that I want to share with you all. Also I have not been good at keeping track of my poetry challenge. I thought I would be easy but it’s a little hard to keep up. However, I will not stop the challenge. Some days might be missed but I will keep writing. I noticed that I didn’t write for the past two days and it really does make a difference. I will try my best. 🙂

NOW. Back to the Songs of the Week… lately I’ve been really into the band Her’s and weirdly into Minnie Riperton.

What Once Was by Her’s

Speed Racer by Her’s 

Now about Minnie Riperton, the song Lovin’ You has been stuck in my head for days. What is funny is that Her’s happened to cover that exact song lol.

The bass lines for these songs are what hooks me. I also love the main singers voice. I’ve known Her’s for a couple of month and my taste has been rubbing off of others especially my boyfriend who fell in love with the song What Once Was. 

I hope you guys enjoy these songs! I know I have!

Ps wonderful news is to come soon 🙂

Give it a listen, give music a chance.