New Anthem

New Anthem

A new year?! Who would have thought…

This new year has brought a lot on my plate, good and bad, and I think I’ve learned so much about myself. I don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. I think this year I placed a lot of effort into my blogging and creative flow, maybe not as much as I wanted to, but obviously something is different with my style, aesthetic, and the things I like to talk about. I also feel that I have connected so much to my roommates, and although we are a full house of 6, it is still manageable and great to have people in your life. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans we get into ;). To be honest with you, I do and don’t remember much of 2018 yet I can feel the affects of it. Not that I didn’t pay attention, believe me I’ve taken everything in that has happened to me this year. I feel that all of this looking back should be beyond reminiscing, I always believed in growing and moving from the past. I do remember this year was very musical for me. I went to a lot of concerts and drowned myself in music to the point that it’s my matter of photosynthesis. I’ve met new people and reconnected with old ones. I don’t want to dabble what happened in 2018, but it was a great year that showed me so much beauty in life, people, and myself. Thing are going to be different but that’s what I love about life. I have so much love to give and share with others and I am so excited for the new things and memories to make.

I love you all very much.


Song – We’ll Let You Know by Morrissey






January: Monthy Catch Up

January: Monthy Catch Up

Here we are on the last day of January

Well, the first month of January is coming to an end. This month has been pretty good, I’ve just been doing my own thing and doing class work. Already, homework has been so annoying but I have pretty good classes, so why complain? But besides that, I have been pretty good with my resolutions. I work out regularly and my eating habits have been way better than before. One of the newest things that have happened is, I made an Instagram for my blog! (Pls go follow it to keep up with any future posts I do!) Besides that, I feel that nothing as new has happened.

I started thinking about what I should do to spruce up my journal writing, and I’ve taken to account on making it prettier like a bullet journal. One of my roommates and I have been obsessed with peoples monthly spreads and decoration for their journal. I think I might start considering it, however not to the full extent of extreme bullet journaling. I will more than likely make a calendar for the year and then a page for each month.

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