SOTW #100

SOTW #100


This is the year!? This is the year when we celebrate the 100th post of my series Songs Of The Week or SOTW? This is really big, it goes to show how dedicated I’ve been to this segment of Songbird. But don’t worry this isn’t goodbye! Only good times here :”)


SO!!! This post is featuring two amazing artists. Honestly performers of their art. I have no idea why I’ve been so obsessed with these people. I enjoy their music so much I just want to share it with the world.


David Bowie and Nina Hagen

(wowwww wouldn’t have guessed)

I’ve been gravitating towards the theatrics, the crazies, and weirdos of the music scene. Bowie is a familiar name but Nina Hagen is a curveball.  You don’t just casually listen to new wave german punk …😅

However! I hope you still enjoy these picks of mine. I pick them because this is what I am genuinely listening to, and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to be here.

They have been my recent idols, inspirations, and friends for when I feel out of it. Thank You To Music and to them.

Pls Enjoy 🙂

My David Bowie Picks

Boys Keep Swinging

Ashes To Ashes 

Lady Grinning Soul

Memory Of A Free Festival

Wild-Eyed Boy from Freecloud 

Man Who Sold The World


My Nina Hagen Picks 

(sadly most of her music is not on Spotify Or Apple, enjoy on Youtube)

Hold Me

New York New York

Ziggy Stardust

I Love Paul



Thank You Buckos



SOTW #75

SOTW #75

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Songs Of The Week. So here you go! I am really excited today because I only have two more exams to knock over and I’ll be free to do things such as blogging and recording videos.

The songs I’ve picked are nothing new. But they have helped me get through this stressful week. I hope ya’ll enjoy!

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Let’s Talk About Music

Let’s Talk About Music

(written in June)

Let’s talk about my taste in music. How it’s the way it is, why I have it, and what I think about it…

I was in a living room, headphones in playing My Bloody Valentine’s Sometimes. Listening to this song, especially a song like this, it makes my heart/chest hurt, which is sort of a thing for me when a song really hits me. Being a music lover, I can tell if I will like or dislike a song, and sometimes if it is life-changing for me. Sometimes my taste ranges from

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