like 2 know – A New Song

like 2 know – A New Song

Hey guys I made a new song 🙂 pls enjoy buckos.  It’s on my Soundcloud and my bandcamp! Link to my bandcamp on Soundcloud! 🙂

I’m also releasing a cover of a Mac Demarco song tonight. Can you guess which one!?

I think I’d call my style holliepop, it fits.



I made a short song

Hello everyone, I made a short song from a poem I wrote. It’s just a demo of it so it’s not a finished product. I decided to play some chords and sing the poem as it came to me. It’s not the greatest but I like it and I hope to make it into a fuller song. Check it out on my SoundCloud Now!


– Men in Bikinis Women in Speedos –

Right words in the mouth

take the chance to make it out.

Making out to better times

brings the cool out of you.

What is right is right as gold,

who would like to try?

The sun is fun the moon brings tide,

to wash away, our guilt of the night.