Gratitude – Day 6

Gratitude – Day 6

“I am grateful for today, my Birthday!”


I just want to keep this post nice and short. I know this might be a little late but I wanted to make this post.

Although my birthday was filled with school and exams – it was also filled with people that I love and that care about me.

Don’t even waste your time feeling down or stressing about something in the past or to come. The future is ahead and there are moments to be enjoyed. 💖

I had such a great and beautiful 21st Birthday!

I love everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful night!



National Gratitude Month


National Gratitude Month

National Gratitude Month

I decided to challenge myself 30 days of Gratitude…

November is the month of Gratitude and many other holidays and events that are important in my life. I decided that I should probably start something new and fresh for the blog that is also good for my self-worth and growth. I’ve been feeling down a lot and filled with anxiety. I believe this stems from the overload of stress from college and reading and constant assignments left to right. I need to step back and reevaluate myself. I don’t like this stress, I want it to go away. I thought that by starting up a daily gratitude post for the month of November would be a great way to start. I have never done this before but I have kept a gratitude journal once, I never finished it.

November was the first day of Gratitude but I was not able to write things down. So for today, you get two doses of gratitude!

Gratitude November 1st:

“I am grateful for my boyfriend”

November 1st is his birthday! Happy Birthday!

He is one of my best friends and one of few people who really know me. He cares for me and makes me laugh. He reminds me to Continue reading “National Gratitude Month”

Fall Playlist – Bumpkin Pumpkin

Fall Playlist – Bumpkin Pumpkin

Its Fall 2018 and that means playlists! Like I said before, my playlists change, meaning that songs will be added during the period of the season. So…I hope you enjoy these picks. I know I’m not the best when it comes to picking out songs but these are currently the ones I’ve been listening to a lot. I’m always self-conscious Continue reading “Fall Playlist – Bumpkin Pumpkin”

THE SHINS IN CONCERT feat. Girlpool and Baio

THE SHINS IN CONCERT feat. Girlpool and Baio

This is late but…

Something pretty surreal happened to me. This was actually a few weeks ago but I didn’t have time to write about it. On November 12 my boyfriend and I  went to see The Shins. Yes, the band that has been a part of my life since I can remember. I would have never thought that I would be able to see them. I always worried that they would break up or die off before I could ever see them. But, I can now scratch off The Shins on my concert bucket list. This was an experience that was incomprehensible. My boyfriend and I are such nerds when it comes to James Mercer and The Shins, it is actually the main band that brought us together.

Now when I first bought the tickets I didn’t really pay attention to the date. I didn’t care, I wanted to go see The Shins. It wasn’t until the week that I realized that it started after a choir concert I had to perform in. however, by luck, a friend offered to drive us to the venue after the choir concert. And by chance, we got to Emo’s at the perfect time before people started to crow in. We got front row.

Before we saw The Shins, Girlpool performed. I remember that I’ve heard of them before but I’d never thought I would get the chance to actually hear them in person for the first time.


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November: Monthly Catch up

November: Monthly Catch up

Hello Everyone!

This month has been pretty eventful. There were so many birthdays including mine! There were concerts and friends trips and dinners. I got to see my family and listen to new music and movies. Of course, there was college filling in the gaps keeping me busy.

I think this was a pretty good month. This past Thanksgiving vacation was much needed. I am so thankful to have been able to spend time with my family. I think that giving yourself a rest from school and work is such an important thing for the mind and body. Its necessary for me, I get so stressed and overworked that I forget to give time for myself. Which is why I listen to a lot of music and new artists. It keeps my mind calm and functional. But that’s just me, music will always be a part of my life.

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the gentle fall of

leaves begins and starts the

new November days


I think of all warmth

but get refreshed with cold

cold October days


Here’s the last one day

to give us the day one

of another year


Slightly different

and the numbers only change

what was once, was there





A New 30 Days

I am thinking of starting a new challenge this upcoming month. However, it won’t be a daily song challenge, but a POETRY challenge. I wanted to start this so I can practice writing every day. I technically write every day in my English classes, but I feel that it doesn’t fulfill my creative outlet. I saw this specific challenge on this blog. It wasn’t in a text form so I went through the days and wrote down the challenge and created this picture 🙂


I am not sure if I want to start it during the last week of October or in the beginning of November (probably November). But you’ll know once I start posting from the first day. I will try my best to keep consistency! My passion is to write which is one of the reasons why I started this blog to post about my life, my poetry, and about music. I feel this project will help maintain creative flow. We all feel tired and stressed and sometimes we forget to do something for ourselves.


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