-take me for example- a playlist

-take me for example- a playlist

Yes yes yes, I know I just posted about a playlist. Well too bad! I make so many because my mood changes with thinks. My obsessions file through and I find new ones, that doesn’t mean the old ones are ever forgotten. It’s always a suprise to hear a song you loved many moons ago. I hope you enjoy this playlist. This represents a lot that is leading up for tomorrow ❤ Continue reading “-take me for example- a playlist”


Naranja is one of my favorite words to say

Naranja is bright and can rhyme with


It is a sweet one and is perfectly popular.

Usual lunches counterpart with paper bags.


City Citrus is a movie place at home

Everyone burned and tanned by Naranja.

And I, brown as dried dirt.

Too bad for me, I could converse nothing else

Naranja never was in a full sentence.