like 2 know – A New Song

like 2 know – A New Song

Hey guys I made a new song 🙂 pls enjoy buckos.  It’s on my Soundcloud and my bandcamp! Link to my bandcamp on Soundcloud! 🙂

I’m also releasing a cover of a Mac Demarco song tonight. Can you guess which one!?

I think I’d call my style holliepop, it fits.



SOTW #73

SOTW #73


Hey guys! Today is a special Songs Of The Week, featuring a local artist of Austin! Singer-songwriter of theghøst, Zeus Hernandez gives us visions of electric blend and chill pop. His most recent release of the year is Miami, hot and fresh of Spotify. You can also find his EP Lovers Day! I am always for supporting local, small, or upcoming new artists! If you’ve guys been in a rut with music options, give theghøst a listen!


You can find more of theghøst on Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, and several other platforms below!

> <

Here are few of my favorite tracks…

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