The Art Of Isolation

The Art Of Isolation

Day 2

Taking it all in…

I guess this is day two. Right? What should this bring?

I realized that I didn’t pack enough clothes for home. I forgot my MPK to make music. I already lost two socks??? I finished High Fidelity….and I got furloughed…

Well, this was going to happen right? How would I get through my day, what will happen? When will I change out of my pj’s? Everything is going to be okay.

Today was a good day and I think it’s a matter of getting things done!

Copy of Art of isolation 2.pngI got to wake up late, made some coffee and had some leftover Chinese food. I lounged a bit and had an addictive stroll with Animal Crossing! I occasionally checked a group chat I’m in to keep me updated with work, friends, and things in Austin. I had someone over so we painting with my brother our favorite movie scenes, played goldfish, SORRY!, Operation, an electric scooter (gotta get that sunlight), and of course the switch. Watched funny videos and hung out with my family while music played in the background.

Right now I’m in my very own downtime, which is always the end of the day. I think there’s a poem that I want to write, maybe I should draw and design some things. I feel that I’m just winging it for the most part when it comes to keeping up with the boredom. I just realized that I haven’t been able to do my usual walks around Austin- this is not the time to get sad. On another note, I’m considering buying a music/maker app on my switch…and I bought it. I feel like something is missing and I think it’s my space. My OWN sanctuary. Being under curfew and quarantine in a place hasn’t been my real home in 3, heck maybe 4 years is a lot to take in. But I can work around it.

Towards the end of the day I just hung out had some spaghetti and now here I am. I still feel in a creative mood along with reflective. Taking it all in is the step to this self-isolation, this art of isolation.

I have a few questions.

What color do you feel today? How do you take it all in?



The Art Of Isolation

The Art Of Isolation

I haven’t said much about what is going on in the world, but it has definitely been on my mind. A LOT. I worry…I have fears and anxieties. And with the whole COVID-19 and paranoia of the world population, I’ve been reconsidering human reactions and morals and just the way we treat each other during a world panic, and it’s upsetting. There will be massive consequences casualties to this pandemic and we will see it in the employment rate, the economy, education, politics, and on families. The best that we can do, that I can do is be a good person. Treat each other with love and with words and good intentions. To help those in need and to seek those that can’t ask for help themselves. I  just want everyone to be okay you know, especially for the ones that I care about, and I’m sure you wish that too.

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