Okay okay, I really stalled this post because posting about my own music is pretty vulnerable. Some days I like my music and other times I really don’t. But I have to post about it sometime. And who knows! I have the choice to delete this if I wanted to :o. Anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂

I really don’t know what this song is, but it was fun making it!

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I have other songs like these…

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Lovely Girl – A new song

Lovely Girl – A new song

I just released a new song on SoundCloud. Yes I know it’s been almost a year since I’ve released anything more than a minute. This song just came to me in literally two days. The words were already there, I just spent all of last night and this morning to make something which I am okay with haha.

So…… L I S T E N—W I T H—H E A D P H O N E S… and enjoy my croaks 😉

Link Below

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SOTW #73

SOTW #73


Hey guys! Today is a special Songs Of The Week, featuring a local artist of Austin! Singer-songwriter of theghøst, Zeus Hernandez gives us visions of electric blend and chill pop. His most recent release of the year is Miami, hot and fresh of Spotify. You can also find his EP Lovers Day! I am always for supporting local, small, or upcoming new artists! If you’ve guys been in a rut with music options, give theghøst a listen!


You can find more of theghøst on Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, and several other platforms below!

> https://fanlink.to/listentheghost <

Here are few of my favorite tracks…

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I made a short song

Hello everyone, I made a short song from a poem I wrote. It’s just a demo of it so it’s not a finished product. I decided to play some chords and sing the poem as it came to me. It’s not the greatest but I like it and I hope to make it into a fuller song. Check it out on my SoundCloud Now!


– Men in Bikinis Women in Speedos –

Right words in the mouth

take the chance to make it out.

Making out to better times

brings the cool out of you.

What is right is right as gold,

who would like to try?

The sun is fun the moon brings tide,

to wash away, our guilt of the night.



SOTW #28

SOTW #28

Hello everyone and its the time for the SONGS OF THE WEEK. There has been so much music I listened to and there is music I need to listen to. But here is what I got for you. 🙂

Lovefool by No Vacation

Border Line by King Krule, pretty much anything from him at the moment

Also, a last minute find:  something I found on the vortex of soundwave and lofi

Lust by suicideyear and outthepound

I hope you guys enjoy these selections. If you like it leave a comment or recommendations of your songs of the week.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.