SOTW #46

SOTW #46

Whats up everyone! We have another Songs of The Week, actually the first one for April! I’ve been listening to a mixture of my Spring Time Playlist and other songs from my discover weekly.

Weirdly I found a song by a band called Ween. I’ve listened to them before, I like two songs from them such as “Baby Bitch” and “What Deaner Was Talking About”. This new song I discovered has a sort of morphed deep vocalist. I really like this song and I’m surprised I haven’t heard it before…

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SOTW #30

SOTW #30

Hello! The beginning of this week was pretty stressful. I still have one more assignment left to do and hopefully, I can get it done without burning a hole in my brain. I meant to post yesterday but time was too precious. What I’ve been listening too lately are three artists. Two of them I discovered not too long ago.

Blue Coupe by Twin Peaks

I know this was like one of their first top five songs, but this is a really good one. This is a feel-good song.

Next song is…actually a collective. It’s a whole album by…

Triathalon with their album Nothing Bothers Me


Next is a song by Sufjan Stevens 

Mystery of Love

I hope you enjoy these songs! I’ve been so stressed lately, these songs sure do help tone it down.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.