My Art + Art Account

My Art + Art Account

So just spontaneously I decided to make and art account. I also wanted to share my art with you which I believe I’ve never done. I’ve shared thoughts, opinions, pictures, and poetry but never physical art. I hold art-my art- to be very special and personal to me. Continue reading “My Art + Art Account”

Things I Hope To Do By The End of The Year

Things I Hope To Do By The End of The Year

Here is a little evaluation time. I remembered that I has some goals for the summer and some I did and didn’t do. So, I decided to compile a list here and also in physical form in a journal. These lists won’t be far fetched, just some goals and fun things I want to do. I feel like everyone should keep a list like this; so on a boring old day you might have something to do. Also, we’re at a half point in the year, I have to get some things done while I can.

Now, some of these things may cost money and others won’t. It really depends on the situation and task at hand. Now, let’s get to the list.

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Organize With Me: Desktop

Organize With Me: Desktop

Check out these step of how I colored my files and cleaned my desktop!

I wouldn’t consider myself a messy person, although sometimes times I do get pretty cluttered. One thing I would always do is have all my files and icons covering my desktop, and I don’t even want to tell you how bad the Finder was. Besides that, I decided to use my files and folders more efficiently.

1. Trash Crap.

Documents, pdf, images of your favorite artist you used to like need to go in the 🗑. It’s 2018, time to clean out those old high school essays and those from 2 semesters ago. However! Save essays from last semester, you never know when you have to write a thesis statement again, old writings can help with that.

entrepreneurship 101.png

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New Artist Inspiration: Charlotte Dos Santos

New Artist Inspiration: Charlotte Dos Santos

Like deep velvet and silk.

I came upon Charlotte Dos Santos while I was listening to the Winona Forever Station. The first song I heard from her was Clay, so I thought I should probability listen to other stuff from her. I checked her Spotify profile and discovered that she just released her stuff in 2017 int he album Cleo. She is a Norwegian Singer with a sound that takes you back to the past. It is almost a Nostalgic feel of the 70’s. She attending Burklee College of Music with a background of diverse music inspired from her home life.

Her album released in June 21, 2017 titled Cleo


These tracks have a slow vibes and deep bass lines. Her vocals are eclectic with relaxing smoothness. Her appearance and presentation of herself in her voice and visual  approach gives off very feminine vibes. If I were to compare her to an artists, she has slight similarity to Minnie Riperton with a cross between Little Dragon and Amy Whinehouse.

Her music is so enticing that I can visualize what I am hearing. Her name should not go unnoticed, her take on the production and creation of music gives a whole new sound of modern music. Music in general in our time is starting to bring back the “oldie” sounds which I enjoy very much. If you want to listen to something new listen to Charlotte Dos Santos. Her style gives off such a refreshing motive of beauty. She is such a beautiful and empowering female artist.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.




Guess What I GOTT

Most people don’t know this about me but…


Although I am cautious to say that I am a SHOP-A-HOLIC. I do buy things but I buy them with reason and with thought. I used to buy things for no reason or purpose. Now I buy with meaning.

  • USE IT

Those are my requirements, and of course if I can afford, it. I do not shop all the time and when I do I try to donate back to my local thrift store. Or I buy at thrift store. SALE is a necessity for me. Because if individual things cost more than 25 dollars, then I can just wait until the sale comes around. Sales are the best.

But back to the subtitle…Ive come under some items that I was so excited about.

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