My Thoughts On Rookie Mag Shutting Down

My Thoughts On Rookie Mag Shutting Down

Rookie Magazine, an online magazine publication run by strong women writers for young girls is closing up shop…

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VLOGTOBER (4): Turn to White – She & Him COVER

VLOGTOBER (4): Turn to White – She & Him COVER

This isn’t the best I’ve sounded in my life, but I wanted to post this the song because it’s been stuck in my head for such a long time!

If you haven’t already, go check out the other vlogs I made previous to this one! I hope you enjoy them! Bye! 🙂

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Travel Dairy #4 Hacksaw Ridge,Sugar Slope, Kokusai Street, Sea Glass Beach


Today I went to Hacksaw Ridge. Last time I was in Okinawa my Dad made me watch the movie yet we didn’t get to go visit the actual place. So on Memorial Day, we visited two monuments, Hacksaw Ridge and Sugar Slope. Each place had such a beautiful view of Okinawa and the plant life. The amount of green you can see was just so vibrant and fulfilling. Later that day we went to Kokusai street which is a really popular shopping area and market. Last time I went there, I was extremely hot. I was in Japan during July, around the time the heat is terrible. This time was a lot better since it was night time in June. But of course, it’s always humid. I think I’ll go back there towards the end of the month so I can buy boxes of cakes and cookies to take back home for my family and friends.


Beth and I went to the beach! Finally! I’ve been wanting to go so bad since like the start of the summer. I love the beach! The beaches in Okinawa have very rough and harsh and full of broken shells and seaweed so I would recommend buying water shoes to wear in the water. Also, there are really poisonous fishes inside shells, so when you step on it their back the stinger will reach and poke you. So wear water shoes! We did snorkeling which was kind of wear at first because you had to breath through your mouth into the tube.

I had a great time at the beach, I also didn’t get sunburned! 🙂